The Athletics Day at Heathmont College 2016

On Monday the 07/03/2016 Heathmont College had the athletics carnival and German students from our school participated.

The athletics day takes place in autumn once a year. It is similar to the „Bundesjugendspiele“ in Germany. Every student has the chance to participate and to be physically active. In Australia every school has a day like this and even a swimming day. We don’t have a swimming day in Germany, we would like to have it, too. It’s like a festival in the school, that’s why some students wear funny costumes and participate in a competition of the „best dressed student“.

The day started at 9:00 am and everybody got ready to do some sports. Before the sports there was a costume contest and the students had fun to watch it. The student who got the most applause and cheering won. After this the sports started. You can do a lot of different events like high jump, long jump, 100&200 meters sprint. Every student is a member of a specific group, called a house, there is the blue house, the red house and the yellow house. You do the sport events to collect points for your house and the house that finally got the most points is the winner. This year yellow house won the athletics day.

The German students did long jump, the 1500 and 800 meters. They were very successful and won some events! The Australian sutdents were surprised 😉 The weather was very warm,-nearly 30 degrees. But the Germans survived in the Australian sun! We represented our country well Down Under. We had a great day and our teacher, Miss Ramm, saw a lot of good sports! 🙂

by Tim Schmidt

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