Die Technik unserer selbstgebauten Roboter. Our selfmade robots.


Da die Technik international von Interesse sein kann, werden die Texte in englisch verfasst sein.

First off all I want to present our two robots of our teams, who will fly to Montreal. The names of the Teams are „Geisterfahrer“ (ghostdriver, in terms of cars who drive the wrong direction on the highway) and „Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen“ („You could place Your advertisment here“, written on billboards in Germany, if there is no „real“ advertisment.)

„Geisterfahrer“ was build out of two wooden boards, 19cm x 19cm. One of the four geared motors has an encoder, to measure distances and angles on turning the vehicle. Two sensors are placed on the bottom of the lower board, to detect whether there is a white, black or metal floor. Two IR-Sensors are fastened on every side of the Roboter, to adjust it to the walls. There are two circuit boards who carries the thermo sensor and the, selfmade letter sensor. On the top of the construction are screwed a LCD display, 20×4 signs, the main board and the motor driver. A list of the components you could download here:

List of Components



The robot of „Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen“ was designed on the computer with „sketchup“ and worked out on a 3-D-Printer (Prusa MK3). Simon, likes to make a new chassis after every competition to optimize it. The final version for Montreal is ready now.

Hier könnte ihre Werbung stehen




If there are any questions, please contact me: robocup@uni-kassel.de