At Heathmont College

Tuesday 15.3.2016

At 8.30 am we met at the office to sign in for our day at Heathmont College .

The first period was an art lesson. We painted posters with all kinds of Australian animals. Some of us were really good at it, others got to know why they had mark 4 in there last report at the IGS 🙂

After this period we had a Quiz about geographical aspects of Australia. Our basic knowledge was not bad at all.

After a little break we had a Food Tech Lesson and baked our own cookies. They were very tasty and crunchy. Let’s say “With a little help of the teacher, all of our cookies were edible” 🙂

At 2 o’clock, after lunch time, we took a bus to Heathmont Bowling Club and had a Lawn Bowls Lesson on one of the best grass greens in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We had a lot of fun .

This was an exciting day at Heathmont College.


by Ramin Bahador


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